Help me find a big digital clock for my wife's grandmother
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Help me find a big digital clock for my wife's grandmother, who is having some temporal issues after pretty major brain surgery...

Long story short, my wife's grandmother had a bad fall that caused some pretty massive trauma last October. She is recovering extremely well but is having issues with her temporal reasoning. She will see a clock and not know if the 9:17, or what have you, refers to am or pm. She will stay up 20+ hours worrying about her appointments and it's getting pretty rough on her.

So does anyone know of a digital clock that displays the time, am/pm, the date AND the day? I've gone through Amazon, ThinkGeek, etc and haven't found anything that we think will work.

Also, we've tried military time on her clocks and she claims not to understand them. We've also tried setting the screensaver on her computer to display this info and she will just turn the computer off.

Thanks for any help.
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I was looking for a clock like this, I saw some at Amazon.

Extech CTH10 Radio Controlled Wall Clock

Big Digital LED Calendar Clock

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Here is an analog clock that has a giant AM / PM indicator. Would it be possible to set up a clock like this next to a digital clock that has the rest of what you need? It would require her to combine the information from two sources, but it would be a clear, readable indication of AM / PM.

I'll keep looking.
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My friends have a clock very similar to this clock in their house. If there's too much info on that one, this other model might work, although the AM/PM indicator is pretty small (it's the little "P" under the radio icon).
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It is pretty expensive, but perhaps something like this clock, that show where the sun is shining on the earth? You could try one of the many computer versions first to see if it helped.
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A great-aunt of mine had a talking watch, after her eyesight deteriorated. There seems to be quite a few for sale at the usual big outlets. Would something like this be any help? It announces the time and date, but I couldn't be sure whether it included a.m. and p.m..
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We bought something like this recently for my grandmother, who has dementia. Hers doesn't show am/pm, but I found this one, wch does, though the am / pm is small.
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