How to video an iPhone app
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How can I best video my iphone to demo my app?

I have an app. I want to video it, like film the actual iPhone and my actual finger. I see a few review sites have done this, but google is totally failing me at finding any suggestions for the best way to do it - all I can find is information on videoing *with* the iphone. I know I can record from the simulator, but it's not as real or fun.
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Perhaps you can put a camcorder on a tripod or other mounting bracket overhead. Adjust your lighting and start taping footage.
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I have not tried this, but if I were to attempt this I would investigate:

The ipod's video out function : Record the video out and, with a camcorder, record the gestures you use as you play on the ipod. Then edit them together (Picture in picture)
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You'll want a tripod with an angle extension that will let you point the camera straight down, or else a gorillapod or the like attached to a high shelf.

Place the iphone on a table. Don't try to handhold it during filming. Loop some duct tape onto the back so it doesn't slide around. If you can't get the camera angle perfectly vertical, you can instead prop up an angled board or something to match whatever angle you were able to get with the camera -- doesn't matter as long as the camera and iphone are in parallel planes.

Lots of diffuse light from both sides, and turn off the ceiling lamps: you want as little light as possible coming from directly behind the camera or you'll get reflections of greasy finger marks on the screen. If you have studio lights put them in softboxes or bounce them off a wall; if you don't, put a table lamp or something on each side of the iphone just out of frame.

The iPhone screen is itself a light source; you'll need to adjust the screen brightness to match that of the surroundings so your camera exposure is correct for both the screen and for your finger. This is fussy and will require some experimentation, especially if your camera doesn't allow you to control the exposure manually. (If you find that your camera keeps exposing for the screen and throws everything else into silhouette, you may need to trick it into exposing for the table by pointing the camera off-center in a wider frame and then cropping the image down after the fact.)

Try to keep your head out of the frame while you're shooting.
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