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Aerosmith's 2003 tour: What was the video playing behind the band during 'Sweet Emotion'?

I saw Aerosmith at Great Woods The Tweeter Center on their 2003 tour (where they took turns headlining with Kiss). When they played Sweet Emotion, the video playing on the big projection screen behind the band had my brother and I in tears. We've always wondered about it, but our googlefu has failed us these seven years since.

It was basically various clips of a bunch of guys wearing cheesy rock star wigs and skateboarding, snowboarding, and waterskiing with guitars (plus a guy behind a drumkit riding on a dolly/sled/oversized wakeboard), and repeatedly wiping out in spectacular fashion.

It was very Jackass-like, and probably wouldn't be nearly as funny the second time around, but my curiosity persists. Do any of you good people have any idea what I'm talking about?
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Haven't seen Aerosmith live since '96 or so, but isn't the most likely explanation that it was custom video shot specifically for the tour?
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