Which charity should I donate my hair to?
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Which charity should I donate my hair to?

I recently had my hair cut from waist length to chin length. I've kept the plait (which is around 14 inches) because I'd like to donate it.

I'm not sure whether to give it to Locks of Love, the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, Wigs for Kids, or maybe somewhere else. Does anyone have any advice on where it will do the most good?
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I don't know much about Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Wigs for Kids, but I've heard bad things about Locks of Love. Apparently they donate only a very, very small portion of the hair they receive, and sell the rest.

Here's one telling excerpt:
A 2003 report by the WGA found that in the previous year, Locks of Love had raised over $150,000 by selling donated hair and had received another $213,000 in charitable contributions and grants, but provided only 113 human-hair and 39 synthetic wigs.
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Best answer: My wife looked into all three of these programs a few months ago. We wanted to do it for Wigs for Kids (which I'd recommend to you), but we didn't meet the 12" requirement. Beautiful Lengths only required 8".
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I donated mine to Beautiful Lengths because Locks of Love:

1. Doesn't make very many wigs. They sell most of the donated hair they receive.
2. Actually sells a lot of the few wigs they make to the families they serve (often sliding scale, but still).
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Man, I wish I knew that about Locks of Love before my daughter donated her hair. Next time we'll go with one of the other ones.
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When I cut off my long hair, I gave it to the San Francisco Opera wig department.
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Best answer: I donated mine to Wigs for Kids because I wanted a child to benefit from my donation. I did a little research, and they seemed to be on the up and up.
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Me, too, cooker_girl. My daughter has grown bback a lot of her beautiful red hair, so I will bear this in mind when she hits the target length again.
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