Looking for an old hacker puzzle site
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Looking for a puzzle site from a few years back whose navigation forward was achieved by solving a series of hacker-type problems. Maybe 2002 or so? Not entirely sure.

I really enjoyed playing it but didn't get very far. I was thinking of a similar concept for a friend's website. I don't remember too much but it was somewhat haxor-elitist in the sense that you had to be clever enough to know your way around websites and the internet. I remember one puzzle requiring you to check some words in the HTML of the page. Each page would require a new puzzle to solve before moving on to the next. There were diagrams and little mysteries to solve. I don't think it was in any way commercial. Anyway if people don't remember the exact site I am thinking of, anything that is similar (but not one aimed at children or just too easy or didn't have an internet-flavour to it) that you know of would also be useful. Thanks.
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Best answer: Notpron?
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Is it The Impossible Quiz (link to google search)? I can't check which of those links actually contain that quiz, since my work's filters block game sites, but that might put you on track.
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This one isn't really a "hacker" game, but I do remember it using a few tricks like the one mentioned, where you look for words in the html souce. Most of the puzzles are word/puzzle based, though.
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Tricky's Riddles?
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http://www.hackthissite.org/ ?
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Response by poster: Notpron! That was it. Thanks! The other suggestions look fun too. Keep 'em coming!
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http://n.nfshost.com is another!
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Uplink (auto-load video) is a game pretty much dedicated to "hacking". It's not really so much hacking/puzzles as it is getting together various bits an bobs and putting your connection through a ton of computers to give you the most time "hacking" as possible, but I remember it being quite fun.
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I learned python by doing http://www.pythonchallenge.com/
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