Need to get out of the Valley.
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Looking for a weekend trip around Phoenix AZ. Not more than 4 hours driving. Have Saturday through Monday. Looking for something relaxing, green and cool. Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff, something else? Need a destination and a hotel recommendation. Thank you!
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It's a hair beyond four hours, but there's this big canyon north of may have heard of it. The ponderosa pine forests around it count as "green", right?
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nthing notsnot. . .was gonna say this. Bonus: It's really big!
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Response by poster: been there, done that. I'll mention it to mrs.phritosan tho.

other ideas?
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Flagstaff is a good home base to explore the canyon, meteor crater, Sedona, Jerome and Montezuma's Castle. There are lots of budget motels around the university campus. I have stayed in several of them but honestly can't remember which ones. They are basically the same. When in Flagstaff stop by Mia's for beer and Bigfoot BBQ for delicious food
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Greer, or rent a cabin on one of the lakes near there. I've stayed on Hawley Lake before, it was beautiful. Though I think the White Mountains are still all white this time of year.
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If you end up going East on I-40, stop at Stewart's Petrified Wood, because it's the weirdest place in the world.
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The Red Garter Bakery and Breakfast, Williams AZ, just west of Flagstaff. Train to the Grand Canyon daily, and probably one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in the world as proprietor.

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My in-laws own a condo in Pinetop. I've always loved it there. Also, Hannagan Meadow near Alpine is gorgeous. There's no other place quite like it in Arizona.
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if I just may add one one more thought, drive down to Seligman, and ask Angel Delgadillo if he will give you a shave. He always will, unless its lunchtime. I swear it is an experience you will never, ever forget.

There is only one man who has ever shaved my face, and I knew after the second one, there is only one man who ever will.

Really man. trust me on this one.

His daughter Wilma runs the gift shop next door. She'll tell you when he will be back and where to leave the money. His brother Juan died last year, but his nephew is now runnigng the Sno-Cap down the street. Go down and have a Chili Dog and a root beer float. Leave you businiess card on the wall.

Truly friend, this is one of those experiences you will tell you grandchildren about.
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Combine the Grand Canyon and the Seligman suggestions. It'd make for an awesome weekend. The Snow Cap is not to be missed. And if there's snow at the Grand Canyon... I've always wanted to see that.
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Jerome, Jerome, Jerome, Jerome
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Just north of Sedona: Oak Creek Canyon (hiking, camping, fishing, ...)
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I never got to use any of these, but maybe you'll be interested in the things to do between Phoenix and Tucson page. On a previous Tuscon-centered thread, another MeFite recommended Kartchner Caverns tours. Didn't get there either.
may still be slightly bitter and trying to hide it and hope to get around to these in the future
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