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What's the best way to keep on top of new graphic novel releases?

I've finally decided to give up on individual comics and wait for the trade, doing my part to wreck the industry. So now that I'm not going to be at the comics store every week, how do I keep on top of when things come out? The New Comics Release List doesn't offer a list of just graphic novels, that I can see.

I'm (at least potentially) interested in anything -- collections and original work, any genre. Good review sites to help me filter what's new, once I know what it is, would be welcome, too.
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The best way is to make friends with your Local Comic Shop Owner, who will potentially be awesome.

The second best way that I can think of is to subscribe to Previews. I flip through the store's copy every month and it's pretty comprehensive.
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For a fairly exact list of new GN releases, new releases of new printings, this list at Diamond Comics will be fairly definitive for products distributed through their network. Titles with a "GN" next to them are graphic novels.
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For what it's worth, "TP" is "trade paperback" which is another branding/type of graphic novel, if you're looking for collected works.
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I've found some interesting books via Graphic Novel Reporter.
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Chris Marshall of The Collected Comics Library podcast maintains a schedule of upcoming trade paperbacks.
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The American Library Association published every two weeks a magazine that reviews (among other things) new graphic novels. Chances are your local library has it, although you might have to ask for it. Usually, only the librarians read it -- although there's no reason they wouldn't let you see it (no secret comments about patrons). It's called Booklist. There's an online version called (ta-da!) Booklist Online, but it's very expensive.
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The easiest way to do it is Crap, I Missed It! – sign up first for the Graphic Novels biglist (top 50 items), and then also be sure to enter the comic book writers you want to keep abreast of; you can then subscribe via RSS or receive an e-mail alert. The service is also great for a few hundred other things of which you may be a fan.
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I use the Comixology iPhone app to track my pull list, including graphic novels. I think it cost .99 cents or maybe $1.99. If you go to the site and register you can "subscribe" books by various publishers and those will appear in your pull list, which is also emailed to you every Wednesday morning. They aren't always accurate about what's coming out every week, but they tend to list stuff that hasn't been published yet rather than miss stuff that has been, so it's a reasonably useful way to keep track.

And, yeah, give your Local Comics Shop proprietor a list of titles, artists, and writers to keep an eye out for.
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The comics sites that I go to get my comics news is,, and Jog The Blog.

Comics Alliance has a weekly feature called, "Don't Ask, Just Buy It!" that goes over some of the best new releases and gives a short description of each book. Sometimes they'll list a few floppies, but most of the time the column focuses on TPB and GN.

Comic Book Resources posts a like of different publishers solicitations and the Robot 6 blog does some really awesome reviews.

Although not as popular and a bit more amateur, Jog The Blog does some of the finest reviews in comics. He's thorough and detailed. He tends to be more indie oriented, while the other two sites are more superhero-ie and mainstream.

Please feel free to PM me if you want some more suggestions!
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I am so glad I asked this. Thanks, everyone.
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