Low carb delivery food in Los Angeles?
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Low-carb delivery options for Los Angeles area?

I'm over in Europe, but I'd like to help my father stick to a low-carb diet back in Los Angeles (in the Valley, more specifically). He cooks, but at times he's too busy to go shopping or cook and that's when it becomes much easier to go order a pizza and ruin his diet. What are some good failsafe options for delivery that will keep him on a pretty strict low-carb diet plan? These don't need to specifically be diet food delivery services; I'd love to hear about a specific menu item from Joe-Bob's Chinese Emporium that is particularly low carb and yummy.

(He's in the Studio City area, near Coldwater and Ventura, zip 91604)

I've already discovered the Vons grocery delivery service (which failed spectacularly when they tried twice to deliver and failed to bring even 20% of what I had ordered for him), and so I'm happy to hear of any grocery delivery suggestions for that area as well.
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labite.com will deliver anything from any restaurant and are very reliable! you can order him roast chicken, steak, ceasar salads, etc...
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Well Nutrifit is a meal delivery service. They are totally customizable -- doesn't have to be "diet" food, but can just be tailored for his needs. They aren't cheap, but the food is great, fresh and delicious. They deliver three times a week, and nothing is frozen. I highly recommend them.
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I would just order from a armenian or greek place. Some well made chicken on a bed of lettuce instead of rice is pretty tasty and easy.
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