John Robshaw on the cheap
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I love John Robshaw textiles, but they're way out of my price range. Do you know anyone who's knocking them off, or doing similar designs, for cheaper?
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I was going to tell you Dwell Studio and Anthropologie, but then I realized that Dwell is in the same kind of price range, and lots of Anthro stuff IS John Robshaw!

However, I see elements of that style around all the time. I think his particular look is the blend and combination, and you'll have to get a little creative to put it together yourself. Ikea often has stuff in the crisp stripes, small prints, and colorful Indian style that I think of with JR. Sometimes their fabrics by the yard are cooler and better quality than their pre-made textiles (and they have some great stripes), so if can sew you could do even better.

How about putting this print bed linen, this striped pillow, and this indian style floral together, for example?

You could also just look out for Robshaw and Anthropologie stuff on ebay, there's quite a lot on now. Combining careful ebay choices with cheaper stuff from Ikea would probably work beautifully.
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Response by poster: thanks--I'll take a look at all of these!
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How about FabIndia? I don't have any of their linens but the quality of the clothing seems quite good. The fabrics are block printed which is what John Robshaw seems to be doing.

I would definitely search ebay for block printed fabric/bedspread/tablecloths.
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Response by poster: FabIndia looks terrific--do you, by any chance, know if there are any stores in NY doing similar types of textiles as fabIndia? I hate to buy things without seeing them first.
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Also - check etsy. There are tons of block printed pillows and fabrics on there. Ikat is another useful term.

Home Sweet is one good shop, Indian Weaves has a TON of Indian block prints (some gorgeous ones), Jezze prints has nice modern ones too.

Beautiful Ikat pillows, elegant touch pillows, ginette123 has ikat and block printed Indonesian textiles.

I have seen these ikat and printed pillows in person (I gave them as a gift) and they are BEAUTIFUL and really high quality cotton and craftsmanship. These are nice too.
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Also you might try looking at actual fabric/textiles too. There are some here, for example, that have the Robshaw aesthetic. And some of these Kerry Cassill textiles are beautiful but I'm not sure if they're less expensive than Robshaw.
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These might be too traditional for you but some are more modern than others.

And finally - these fabrics by Ink & Spindle are gorgeous. They're not exactly cheap but oh man, they're beautiful.
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