NYC West Side happy hour recommendations?
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Hyper-specific question about bars and happy hours on Manhattan's West Side.

The future Mrs. Wu and I would like to take advantage of tonight's happy hour food & drink specials at a few bars/restaurants in Manhattan. Specifically, we'd like to find some places with decently priced (or happy-hour cheap) drinks that ALSO serve decently priced or cheap food, be it appetizer-y or entrée-y. We'd like to piece together a meal by wandering from place to place.

For various logistical reasons, it makes more sense for us to stay on the lower West Side.

Here's what I have so far, using and a little bit of Yelp:

- Las Chicas Locas
- Sora Lella

...the locations of which are shown on this map.

We'll be walking and/or taking the subway, so it would be great to find another bar/restaurant or two BETWEEN 25th St. and Spring St. on the west side.

Or, alternately, another West Side area (e.g. Hell's Kitchen) that features, say, 2-4 food-serving bars clustered together in a walkable/trainable area. We eat/drink anything.

Anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced bar/restaurant with a good happy hour in this rather specific geographical area?

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This site might be of help to you.
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GAH! I can't read. Sorry! I was so excited to share it that I blanked out.
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I would highly recommend La Palapa which has locations in both the west village and the east village. Happy hour ends promptly at 7pm, but their frozen margaritas are amazing ($3 or $4...I forget just now). They have all kinds of exotic flavours like pomegranate, blood orange, and hibiscus all made with real fruit! Finger foods there are modest in size, and in my opinion a bit over priced, but pretty good. I've never sat down for a meal there though, as the dinner prices are pretty steep.

I'd also suggest checking out Bone Lick Park for $3.75 margaritas. It's a BBQ joint with moderately priced food. Usually I order a side of Mac and Cheese or fries. I'm vegetarian, but I must admit, the BBQ smells pretty good. (I'll be going there for my birthday tomorrow!)

Have fun!!
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Response by poster: Thanks, bloody_bonnie! Great tips - I think we'll be checking those out.
Any others, anyone?

and, hey, inmediasres: no big deal. Thank you anyway!
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