Purdue University Filter: How to travel from Indianapolis Airport to Purdue University, Pharmacy School?
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Purdue University Filter: How to travel from Indianapolis Airport to Purdue University, Pharmacy School?

I'm flying out of state for a Purdue University Pharmacy School Interview. In the interview letter, they advertised the Lafayette Limo Service. I looked it up online, and it looks like the nearest place they drop off is Purdue Memorial Union. They listed this limo service, but I am wondering if I should do a taxi. The campus map looks huge, and Purdue Memorial to the Pharmacy School looks like a far distance.

-Does anyone know of any other options (cheaper) to get from the Indianapolis Airport to Purdue University?
-Also can someone give me a grasp of what being a Purdue student living in Indiana is like?
-Anything else I should be considering/thinking about as I interview?

I am posting this anonymously because professionally, I don't want anything linking my account. (But I'm so excited actually because it's a well respected program and I did not expect as an out of stater to even get the interview opportunity, yay!).
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I went to Purdue.

Lafeyette Limo is a slightly misnamed shuttle bus service from Indianapolis airport to Lafayette, IN. Lafayette Limo will work great for your purposes from the airport. If you are suggesting that you take a taxi from the Indianapolis airport then that will be crazy expensive!

If you are suggesting that you should take a taxi from Union to Pharmacy building then don't. The distance from the Union to the Pharmacy building is walkable...if someone on campus told me that they took a taxi to do this then I would sort of laugh at them. Yes, it's a big campus but you can do it. Every Purdue student walks this distance and more every day so you'd have to get used to it anyway. You may give some thought to the CityBus if that's your style: http://www.gocitybus.com/campusloops.html

Purdue is a great place to go to school. Some really smart people there. It's definitely got a midwestern feel so if you are coming from the east coast or west coast then it'll be a culture shock in both good ways and bad ways.
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Lafayette Limo is the way to go. As rlef98 says, the airport shuttle is not a limo service. You'll be riding on a bus/van like what retirement homes use to shuttle people around and your luggage will go in the back of the bus. On the first picture on their homepage, the shuttle is the big white bus/van between the RV and the limo. A taxi will be far, far more expensive. If you're staying for just a short time, you could also look into renting a car.

And everyone walks around campus. Are you staying at the Union Hotel? If so, you can drop your luggage there (even if it's before check-in time, they are used to accommodating luggage for people coming to campus for all sorts of events). Then just walk to the pharm. building. It will give you a better sense of the campus anyway and shouldn't take more than 15 min.
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Another Purdue Alum chiming in that the Lafayette Limo, then walking is the way to go. Walking from the Union to the Pharmacy building is really only a medium sized walk for its campus.
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3rding Lafayette Limo. I'm currently at Purdue, if you want to PM with specific questions. The distance between the Union and the Pharmacy building is about 10 minutes. Don't let the map put you off.

I like Purdue. Most of the students here really like it. Indy is an hour away, Chicago is 2 hours. Summers are really hot, winters are really cold (but not Minnesota cold). Lots of school clubs (almost every possible interest), the co-rec (recreational sports center) is pretty good, and the campus is very walkable.

I agree if that you are East or West coast, it will be a culture shock. There isn't a ton to do in West Lafayette/Lafayette, but if you're in pharmacy school, you should be studying anyway!
There are tons of computer labs, and the administrative offices are very well coordinated (I am comparing to two other schools that I attended). Football is the official fall religion, switching to basketball in the winter.

There is a housing surplus, so you should be able to get a nice apartment for a decent price. No need to get suckered into one of the "luxury" apartment communities.

I attended a prominent West Coast school, and the education that you can get at Purdue, in my opinion, is 10x better. There are a lot of smart people here (read: a little nerdy). If it's any indication, the newspaper is called The Exponent.

Hope this helps, and like I said, PM me with any specific questions if you want.
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Yeah, just follow the signs in the airport out to ground transportation, there are signs for shuttles to different places including Lafayette. There's usually someone there to help you find the right one.

The Indy airport's probably the nicest in the country right now -- the first new build since 9/11, so it's got real room for security and such. Enjoy!
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