I'll have the Bob Costastini, please.
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Where's a good place to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies in Washington, DC?

I've spent too much time snowed in this week and want to get out a little bit, and I looooove the Olympics. Do you know of any bars or anything in (metro-accessible) DC showing tomorrow's Opening Ceremonies?

Bonus points for themed drink specials.
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For lack of other responses, I'll throw Ventnor Sports Cafe out there. I'd be surprised if there were any themed special stuff, but I'd be more surprised if it wasn't on. The place has the added bonus of having one of the friendliest set of employees ever, and also delicious food (in my opinion). Plus they have tater tots.

It's Adams Morgan (but don't let that turn you off), a bit more than halfway down 18th St.
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Ventnor is good. I've always been a fan of Penn Quarter Sports Tavern as well.
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