Tips to study for Praxis I
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I Need to take and pass PRAXIS I asap. I looked at the sample questions on ETS website. My strongest area is math followed by reading. On the writing section, I feel I can do well on the essay as it seems natural to me but the technical terms used for grammar, etc, get me lost. So i am looking for advice to study all three parts, especially the technical English stuff. Should I buy the books from ETS? Are there better options? Thanks!
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My wife recently passed all parts of the Praxis test the first time around. She said the most helpful was definitely the questions on the ETS site. Otherwise, she checked out the ETS books from the library rather than buy them.
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This is totally secondhand info, but I recently overheard two teachers saying the ETS Praxis books are not helpful at all.
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Do not buy the ETS Praxis books. The one for Praxis II -- social studies had 1 practice test in it, and it didn't even include a key.

I haven't taken the Praxis I, but for what it's worth the Praxis II was ridiculously easy. I got a perfect score without studying. I wouldn't stress about it too much; spend some time with flash cards to memorize the grammar terms and you'll probably do fine.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the input. That is what i was looking for! I did not think to check the library but i will (Not sure whether i even have a library card!)

I am nervous a bit because i have been out of school for many years.
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