Following Michael Jackson Trial
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MichaelJacksonFilter: how would one go about following the court case when located in Europe without access to American TV-networks?
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Monitor the Court TV "Jackson Journal" and also read The Smoking Gun & TSG archives (a search for "Michael Jackson" returns 78 entries).

The New York Post & UK tabloids (Drudge has a helpful list of them at the bottom of his page) will be sure to have lurid coverage.
posted by mlis at 10:06 AM on January 30, 2005

I'd keep your eye on a site called Metafilter. I'm sure there' will be plenty of posts there about it. ;)

Seriously, though... don't stress it. I don't think there'd be a major Euro news bureau that would ignore it. The BBC is sure to cover the majority of it, plus, there's everything that MLIS suggested.
posted by cheaily at 10:19 AM on January 30, 2005

I should have added "...following the court case live" in my question. Thanks for the tips though. :)
posted by noius at 10:21 AM on January 30, 2005

No TV cameras in the court, so it won't really be that live in the US either.
posted by smackfu at 10:28 AM on January 30, 2005

Aah, I have been misinformed. Sorry about that.
posted by noius at 10:40 AM on January 30, 2005

I believe I heard that CourtTV is "re-enacting" the trial, every day. Which is almost like having cameras in the court room. Sort of.
posted by graventy at 5:34 AM on January 31, 2005

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