How to create a manuscript of a website?
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Is there software that can basically create a manuscript of an entire website?

One of the things I do at work is make SEO recommendations for websites. Since I'm basically new to this field, I'm not really aware of any tools that might be at my disposal. So I've just been doing things the way the company has done them in the past.

This means that I begin the process by creating a table in a Word document. This table includes things like "Current Meta Keywords," "Recommended Meta Keywords," "Current Meta Description," "Recommended Meta Description," "Images" and "Body Text" to name a few. So, I go through a website, making a new table for each page, and I copy and paste the meta data, images and page text into the table. You can imagine that this process is very time-consuming and tedious. And that it leads to a lot of missed information (user error and all). Once I get this part done, then I can actually do my job and go through the current site content and coding to make my SEO recommendations.

I know there has to be a better way to get this first part of the process done. I get paid to do SEO, not to have to copy and paste stuff for days on end. A programmer friend once told me "If you have to so the same thing more than 3-4 times, write a program." Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer. But I'm sure someone has figured out how to do what I need.

Here's a list of the data that I need for every page of a given website:

Text (including h1, h2, etc. tags - if any are present)
Images (including alt tags - if any are present)

Please tell me that there's something that I can use to accomplish this. Any suggestions?
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Not aware of any tools, but why don't you contract out to your programmer friend to write something for you? Shouldn't take more than an hour or two.
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Yeah, this is the sort of thing I'd write a script for in an afternoon. Engage someone to do so for you.
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