How to convert Acrobat Sticky Notes OR Powerpoint presentation Notes?
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How to either convert Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 pdf Sticky Notes to text boxes OR to convert Powerpoint presentation notes to new slides?

I have several lecture slides as Powerpoint presentations, some have which have occasional content in the "Notes" section. For review and annotation, I usually convert them using PDFMaker into pdf format-- this carries the presentation notes into the pdf as a Comments layer, so that there is a Sticky Note on every page/slide that had presentation notes.

It's easier to annotate a pdf in Acrobat than a ppt in Powerpoint 2007. When I reopen a pdf, it shows the last viewed page, and it is easier to highlight text. Also, in a pdf, I can't inadvertently change the original content.

However, I wish there was a way to automatically put the contents from Notes sections onto the screen. This way, I could always have the notes visible, even if I exported the pages to images for viewing on my mobile device.

None of the options in Summarize Comments in Acrobat, nor the Send to Word function in Powerpoint are workable, because they result in a lot of wasted space--- the notes are only on some pages (so there are several blank "notes" pages) or they are the wrong orientation (portrait in contrast to landscape lecture slides).

Does anybody know a way to do one or more of the following?

1) In Powerpoint, use a macro or add-in to insert a new slide after every slide with notes and then transfer the notes for that slide into the new, inserted slides?

2) In Acrobat, convert Sticky Notes to text boxes or another printable/exportable layer?
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Saw that this was unanswered after 1 1/2 weeks. Don't know if Zamzar will convert your specific application but I have used it successfully to convert other stuff. Good luck
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