What should I look for in a good gaffer's tape, and where is a good online source/price?
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What should I look for in a good gaffer's tape, and where is a good online source/price?

I'm looking at gaffer's tape primarily for strength and no-residue peel-off. I assume though that the generic term "gaffer's tape" covers a wide range of qualities and brands. Anybody out there know what to look for in a good quality gaffer's tape, and/or have specific brand and online store recommendations? Looking for best bang for my buck, with primary concerns again being strength and no-residue peel-off (recognizing that those two goals might be somewhat at odds?). Thanks!
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toursupply.com has some in tons of colors. It's really expensive though.
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TESA tape. Best fit for your description that I can think of. Super strong, and excellent for residue removal.
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We use this at work.
Good stuff, with the caution that it sticks to itself very easily, so must be applied carefully. It leaves no residue and is pretty strong. We use it to tape down electrical cords that might trip people.
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I was going to suggest tapebrothers.com. But toursupply.com has a better price on the Pro-Gaff brand stuff. $13/roll is pretty good (if it's a 60 yard roll).

Rose Brand seems to have a nice price, too. Never used that site, though.
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Tip tape used by fencers (the sport, not the yard enclosure) is pretty much the same thing as gaffers tape. Absolute Fencing is one place to get it.
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I've used Pro-Gaff at work before and it works very well. It has the little strings in it to make it stronger and easier to rip straight across. I can't speak to the price though, never had to purchase it for myself.
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Response by poster: Fantastic, thanks for the suggestions, folks!
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