easy ways to archive e-mails from yahoo?
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I have 33,000 e-mails in my yahoo account that I would like to archive. How can I do this?
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Set up access to your account via IMAP to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or Eudora, etc. and copy the messages from the Yahoo! account to a local (local-to-hard-drive) folder. Then compress the folder.
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IMAPSize can be used to backup IMAP emails account.
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I was under the impression that IMAP access to Yahoo email accounts was only available if you use the Zimbra desktop client or a mobile phone.
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AFAIK, POP/IMAP access is no longer free.

There is, however, a great script to do this called fetchyahoo that works similarly to fetchmail(1) but for yahoo mail.

It downloads mail from any/all folders you specify, and either writes it to a local mail spool, an IMAP folder, or can even forward the mail to another mail server. (I use it to automagically back up yahoo mail to a local mbox)

the script itself is well-documented, but if you run into any trouble running it, I'd be happy to try and help via memail.
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You could create a gmail account and have it copy all the Yahoo emails to your new gmail account... You could then use the various IMAP tools mentioned above to archive them.

Also, I seem to recall that Yahoo had an option to download copies of your emails in .zip files -- not the best solution and probably would involve a lot of work on your part.
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I first thought of Ypops (formerly YahooPops), but fetchyahoo is more recently maintained.

Paying for imap access for a month & letting your preferred email client fetch them might be preferable.
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