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Can anyone on the green tell me if Mit Viel Gluck by 2 Raumwohnung is a cover of a song and, if so, which song? The first time I heard this song I was instantly confident that just about anyone could tell me what song the tune came from. Several attempts to find out later and I'm wondering if I'm simply imagining that I know it. It's so maddeningly familiar -- particularly around the 1:12 mark. Can anyone help?
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I'm getting a 404 on that link.
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The first impression I had, is: George Harrison's: "My Sweet Lord"

Mit viel Glück/My Sweet Lord.
posted by ijsbrand at 2:38 AM on February 11, 2010

The comments under that YouTube-video show there is discussion if Harisson didn't steal it himself.
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@aqsakal: not sure why that is, the link works for me.

@ijsbrand:: funny, I talked myself out of thinking it was "My Sweet Lord" for some reason, but now you've made the same association it seems a great deal more likely. According to Google Translate, "Mit Viel Glück" means "With luck".
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This is where Harrison got My Sweet Lord.
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@bricoleur: actually, come to think of it, the 2 Raumwohnung song seems to more closely match "He's So Fine" than "My Sweet Lord" (at least, to me), which may be why, like ijsbrand, I first thought of "My Sweet Lord", and then decided it had to be some other song.
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