Pardon me, would you have any Honeycup?
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Where to find Honeycup mustard in or around Seattle?

I have tried Safeway, QFC, and a few other places around town. Trader Joes used to carry it, but no longer. It's a pretty uniquely flavored mustard, but it seems difficult to find.

I realize it is available through mail order. I am aiming to avoid shipping delays and costs, if possible. Thanks!
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have you tried calling them to ask about a local distributor? per this page, this is there number: (416) 447-9664. following the link for the distributor also suggests that the seattle distributor is Associated Grocers - 206-767-8781.

as the page up there lists it as gluten free, at the bottom of this page she lists a bunch of gluten free friendly grocers that might have it.
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Whole Foods. If you can ignore that the CEO is... not the greatest... I've found that great gooey mustard in the stores in Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee. Hope it's over there as well.
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I think I've seen it in the PCC in Fremont. I'll check for you next time I go (which will be tomorrow sometime in the afternoon.)
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Try Double D Meats in Mountlake Terrace - they have a HUGE selection of mustards, sauces, etc.
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mmmmmmm, I didn't know anyone else knew of this magical condiment. Never been to Seattle, and know nothing of the NW; I just wanted to compliment your good taste.
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The Whole Foods downtown never seemed to carry it, sadly.
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