Anyone have a free program to unsecure pdf files?
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Anyone have a free program to unsecure pdf files?

I want to copy and paste text from a pdf file, but it is secured. Anyone have a good free program that can unsecure pdf files with multiple pages?
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This has worked for me in the past.

Otherwise, a roundabout way of doing this (if you have access to Acrobat professional) is to make screen shots of each page, convert them into pdfs and then run Acrobat's OCR function on them. Some innacuracy will probably creep in, but it may be better than transcrbing the text by hand.
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I've done this before, and I think it was at this site.
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Someone had suggested this one in an earlier AskMeFi thread.
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Thanks for the help guys. Couldn't use Blazecock Pileon's response because I'm running windows vista (sorry I forgot to mention that). Thanks again!
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