Can you recommend online tutorials for Excel, Word, and MS Access?
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Can you recommend online tutorials for Excel, Word, and MS Access?

I know a similar question was asked here a few years ago. I was wondering if the hive mind had any updated suggestions for an individual who was trained in these programs four years ago in college, but has only used them on a nominal level since.
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Try I learned 90% of what I know of Access from Dev Ashish's MVP site; the other sites are nearly as good.
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John Walkenbach is known as an Excel expert and has written many books on it. Lots of tips and links on his site, but not necessarily a tutorial per se. He does link to lots of other Excel pages and blogs, so you could potentially find anything you ever wanted to know about Excel in there somewhere.
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This might sound obvious, but a lot of people don't come across it (and it wasn't mentioned in that last answer), but Microsoft has free online training for all of its products:
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I would buy John Walkenbach's Excel book.
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For Excel, check out ExcelIsFun on youtube. Michael Girvin has over 1,000 Excel videos, organized into playlists, and you can download workbooks to play along at home if you like.
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Microsoft is releasing a new 'game', called 'Ribbon Hero' that's aimed to get people familiar with Office features.
Disclaimer: I know of it because I work at MS, but I haven't tried the game.
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The forum at Mr. Excel saved my ass many times, and helped me through a tempestuous period of teaching myself Excel VBA. They also have tutorials and a bookstore that includes e-books.
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Great Excel Resources posted here on metafilter

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