What can I do with a broken ipod?
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What is to be done with an ipod that has a crashed hard drive?

My ipod crashed, I tried to fix it, couldn't, took it to the mac store and they sadly informed me that the hard drive was broken and could not be repaired. This is a year old ipod classic. Won't sync, crashes disk repair.

Is repair worth it?
Are there any exciting or dangerous things I can make out of it?
Should I just throw it in the trash?
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There are places that sell parts and have tutorials on how to do it.

I've never tried it. (well, I don't have an iPod) If you're handy, and the price makes sense...
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...and eBay has better prices.
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Best answer: I got mine fixed at ipodjuice.com. You can ship it to them for free, and I think you pay around $20 for them to diagnose it and give you a repair quote. If you agree to the cost, they take the $20 off your bill, and they ship it back to either way.
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How old is it? If it's old enough, then the battery sucks too. In which case, you can make a pretty cool case for whathaveyous out of certain ipods.
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Don't throw it in the trash, recycle it at Best Buy or Staples.
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Just 2nding ipodjuice.com -- they are inexpensive and a great service. I used their battery replacement kit to replace the battery in my 3rd Gen iPod.
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Best answer: I've sold a few broken ones at eBay and good money for them so don't trash it. Especially not one that's a year old.

Be aware however that the new ones' cases are next to impossible to open without ruining the case so the online tutorials should be taken with a grain of salt.

On the plus side, you could use this as an excuse to go buy an iPhone?
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