Should my company pay for sample 8(a) narratives?
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Looking for insights, guidance, and advice on the 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business application process - particularly around paying for sample "narrative kits".

The company I work for is interested in applying for 8(a) certification - it's a federal program designed to certify small disadvantaged businesses for government set-aside contracts.

We are a woman-owned, but not minority-owned business, and if I'm reading the 8(a) instructions correctly we will need to supply a "social disadvantage narrative". We've researched this quite extensively and feel confident that we meet the qualifications for certification.

However, we're struggling with sitting down to write the narrative. Looking at some samples or examples of other "social disadvantage narratives" would be invaluable. Thus, we are willing to pay for them.

After extensive Googling - and dealing with a particularly low (or is it high?) signal-to-noise ratio in what's out there - it seems that only one firm offers these. Is this a scam? Has anyone else gone through this process? My owner is confident in her writing abilities and in her background to prove disadvantage, but really, really would love to be able to see some examples of these narratives. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated as I try to sort through the noise!

I'd be happy to follow up with more details about the company we're considering paying for sample narratives, as well as about the company I work for, as needed.
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I would just cold call some other 8(a)s and ask if they would be willing to share. I'm in IT, so there are zillions of them. This might not be as good a strategy if you are a niche company.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip, Lame_username. We are a health communications firm so, yes, somewhat niche...
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