Trying to find a very specific music blog.
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Looking for a very specific music blog... Audiophiles, please help!

In the summer of 2008 I remember coming upon a blog that reviewed and rated newly released albums. I don't remember what it was called or anything that might help me find it again with ease. The only details I recall are as follows:
- It was very green (color-wise). This is probably a useless detail, as layouts and color schemes change with time. But it was very spartan and minimal looking. Very simple.
- Albums were listed on the right with their respective record labels.
- Ratings were numeric out of 10, rounded to the nearest tenth.

I know I haven't given you much to work with, but I'm hoping that there's a MeFi user who might recognize the blog from the details I've provided. I've been going crazy trying to find it again. If it's of any help, I know I found it around July and read reviews for Moth, Fleet Foxes, the Ruby Suns and Los Campesinos.

Much thanks in advance!
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Oops, I meant the band Tape (for the album Luminarium). I got mixed up with my favorite track from the album ('Moth Wings').
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Was it Pitchfork? This is what it looked like May '08.
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Tiny Mix Tapes? They had a green layout not too long ago.
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It's really hard to tell, since I'm going by the image in my head, which is two years outdated.
I do remember it was very text-heavy (very few images). By spartan, I really mean very, very basic, streamlined, not graphics heavy at all. I don't think it was anything as big as Pitchfork. It's cool to see your suggestions though!
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Maybe No Ripcord? Green, has album reviews, and has numerical ratings.
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Metacritic has a very simple, straighforward design, though not spartan and blue, not green. I aggregates reviews for new releases and gives a composite score from 1-100. They aggregate reviews for Music, Movies, TV, DVDs, and Games. It's been my go-to for years.
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You could post this question at the message board for music bloggers. There's a chance the blog owner is a member.
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Was also going to suggest Tiny Mix Tapes.
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The description sounds very much like fakejazz, but I don't see the any of the reviews you listed here in the archives.
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Yes, appearance-wise it looked just like that!

It's a pretty impossible question to answer, but thank you everyone for your input and help.
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