How can I disguise this crack in the marble?
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Marble top repair filter: I found two lovely hand-carved marble vanity tops at an antique store last weekend that are perfect for our bathroom remodel. The price is right, the marble is lovely...but! There is a huge crack on one of the tops...

...see? The picture doesn't show the colors very well, but the marble looks like carrera marble - a lovely white marble with grey veining.

My question is this: is there anyway to lighten up that yellowed crack, so that it blends in more with the natural grey veining? Some way to clean it, or better yet, take it to a marble restorer to have the crack re-repaired so that it's not so yellow? Or is it not worth the hassle? (I haven't bought them yet, and will not until I am sure that I can better disguise that crack). I found this previous question, but it doesn't really help me much.

And my question within a question: even if I do get that crack lightened, and I just asking for a huge headache by buying a vanity top with a crack in the first place?

(I will try to contact some stone/marble companies here in Memphis, but wanted to see if Metafilter could help, or at least send me in the right direction.)
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That looks a bit tricky and probably best handled by one of the companies that regularly does stone work. Crack repair in marble like this is typically done with an epoxy that can take some coloring in it to try to match, but you might be left with a visible reminder that it was done. If the yellowing isn't just a bit of surface staining, then it might be there permanently. Good luck.
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I don't think you're crazy for buying a cracked marble vanity top. I have a cracked marble windowsill in my kitchen.

But yeah, you've gotta talk to someone more expert about what should be done with the'll probably take a pro just a few minutes to determine what the material is and whether it can be improved in appearance.
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