Crazy-print-pattern collared shirts
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Help me find crazy-print-pattern collared shirts.

I'm interested in shirts with small but crazy/happy print patterns to liven up my work wardrobe.

More specifically:

Collared shirts only: I don't have a dress code, but I tend to wear sweaters/blazers/cardigans and would like to use these printed shirts to add some individuality and crazy cheerfulness to my wardrobe. The collar will be showing all the time, the rest of the shirt some of the time (so prints all over are still preferable).

Buttondowns, polos, whatever kind of shirt-with-collar are all fine. Long and short sleeve are both fine.

Here's one example (though as I note below, male and chidlren's shirts are also okay). I've had some thriftstore luck with size-large children's buttoned pajama tops (of slick material, not flannely) with crazy prints, if you know of any places selling these online. Think "dinosaur print", "happy sun print", "cookies print".

NOT interested in: "typical" prints (gingham, polka dot, any type of plaid, most stripes, checkerboard, Hawaiian) or non-patterned prints (I want reoccuring patterns, not single prints like Threadless t-shirts or, god-forbid, the "flames on the hem" buttondown)

Men's, Women's, and large teen/children's shirts are all fine. I have enough sewing-fu to tailor things to my size (just not enough experience or time to sew collared shirts myself, and not enough energy or money to find a tailor).
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Robert Graham shirts are hella expensive, but they tend to have unusual patterns, and things like contrasting cuffs. Their men's shirts are going to be closer to what you're looking for than their women's ones.
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You should also, of course, check out Etsy. Finds like this one abound.
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i had some success once tye dying a white oxford shirt.
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I wear Hawaiian/printed shirts almost exclusively. Johnny Cotton was amazing, but seem to be unavailable. My chili pepper shirt always gets compliments. My slightly ridiculous collection took over a decade to assemble. I am always on the hunt for new shirts. The key is to have cash on hand to only spend on crazy shirts when you find them. They seem to be everywhere, and sometimes in places I do not expect to find cool shirts. Someday I will find the collared shirt printed with the Piggly Wiggly logo I didn't buy a few years ago. BTW: no "flames on the hem" for me.
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Yeah, I think Etsy is going to be the best place to find the biggest variety in one place. You can put up an alchemy request to solicit bids; I've had good luck with that process before. And once you find someone making shirts that fit you well, you not only get crazy patterns, but custom-fitted shirts.
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For more of a western look, Rockmount makes fantastic embroidered shirts for men and women.
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It doesn't say in your profile where you're located; I've had success in the DC and New York City/New Jersey areas finding small stores that carry the type of shirts you're looking for. They'll typically have garish Italian suits on display in the window (my friends call them "Shannon Sharpe suits") and will have a lot of Italian imported items but fairly inexpensive prices. In Manhattan there's one on Broadway between the WTC and Canal street, and several in the garment district. As far as I know none of them have any sort of internet presence; no internet ordering let alone a website. They used to carry a lot of shirts like that at the Daffy's stores, but I haven't been there in 2+ years and don't know if they still do.
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Liberty of London is famous for their printed fabrics/shirts. I've seen some interesting prints on shirts by Foxcroft at Nordstroms. Boden also has lots of fun prints.
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