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You are someone who reviews portfolios for the job of concept artist at a videogame company. What are you looking for in the portfolio?
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I can't answer that question directly, but this blog is a good thing to take a look at. This post in particular might be useful.
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Best answer: Why yes, I am in fact that person! At least, sometimes I am.

I look for depth: I don't need to see another anime hottie or Jim Lee bulgefest. Every high school has a half dozen kids who can do that, and do it in their sleep. Do something more interesting, please.

I look for range: show me you can do many different kinds of work, making you easy to park in many different projects because you can be so many different artists. That makes you valuable.

I look for well-grounded: show me you can illustrate with a sense of irony or humor. Don't take yourself too seriously.

I look for well-rounded, too: include some work that is completely not related to videogaming, like breakfast cereal packages you have designed or movie posters you made. If you don't have such work, fake some.

But most of all I listen. I look at each piece of work for a few seconds, then listen to the artist explain it for five or ten minutes, which tells me so much more about how they work. Tell me not how you did it, but tell me instead about each choice you made along the way (whether angle, color, lighting, mood) and why. Tell me what influenced it and why you think it's good. Tell me what is wrong with it, too (and be right!)

And be a pro. There are enough smug hotshots in the business already.
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