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What are some of the best flickr groups?

I'm pretty new to flickr and I'm interested in hearing about what you guys think are some of the best groups on there.

I'm interested in both browsing and adding my photos, and I'd rather not join any where you have to vote or do something before you're allowed to post a photo.

I'm interested in all types of photography, including architecture, portraits, fashion, landscape, nature, macro, etc.

I'm also sixteen, so if there are any great "teenage" photographer groups or something that would be cool also.

(If you want to look at some of my photos there's a link on my profile)

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Not Flickr, but your question made me think that you might be interested in The Daily Shoot, which gives its community a daily shooting assignment and everybody (who wants to) posts their interpretation.
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I have fallen in and out of (and back into) groups on Flickr. Rather than recommend a particular group (I think that just by searching the groups you'll be able to find ones that suit your aesthetic and experience level--it's all very subjective), my advice would be to pick only one or two that are thematically related, like portraits and fashion or nature and macro, and then actively participate in the discussions. In many groups, thousands of people around the world are posting the maximum images per day to any particular group, and you pictures will get lost.

I'd also look for groups that have an active image critique thread as part of the discussions. The critiques often oscillate between scathing and simply unhelpful, but there are always a few people (hopefully I am one) who try actively to engage your image and offer constructive thoughts. (Note that my main Flickr account is not linked to MeFi.) But even the unhelpful comments are worthwhile if they force you to focus on what it is that you want to capture in your photography.

And a word of gentle warning--I find that many of the groups are little cults that try to force everyone to take pictures that fit under the "vision" of that group's leaders--any image that doesn't quite fit is not very good, and any image by an insider is very good indeed. Try always to take the pictures you want to take, sort critiques into helpful and unhelpful, and continue to develop your style. Keep up the good work!
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What are you into? I live in Korea and shoot on a D90, so I looked for the largest Korea photos group and the largest D90 group. I don't know that there are "best" groups, just ones that you'll find more in common with than others
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I like flickr a lot. However, recommending groups is difficult.... most of the groups I like the most (and I think are the most successful) are those with a very narrow focus - a particular subject, technique or piece of equipment. None of those might appeal to you at all. Here's a few to check out though....

I'll also mention that every month, I give away free flickr pro accounts. No catch, no requirements. I won't link to the group here, but it shouldn't be hard to find if you're interested.
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The Items We Carry.
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If you're looking for good photography, the following are all excellent: Hard Core Street Photography, La Pura Vida, Contract Killers, Your Photo Isn't Really That Great, Photographs on the Brain, La Familia Abrazada. They are all heavily curated.
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