Alternate way to power on a Moterola Rokr?
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The faceplate came off my Motorola Rokr Z6m. Anyone know an alternate way to power it on?.... since the power button is on the faceplate?
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Best answer: I managed to get it turned on... here's how.

I unplugged the little ribbon cable lead from the circuit board. (there's a socket under the faceplate and the plug comes out quite easily) I saw there were 11 tiny connections on that socket that correspond to the 11 buttons on the I grabbed two sewing needles, crossed them and pinched them between my thumb and forefinger so the points were about 4 mm apart from each other.

Then I dragged the points across each set of connections until they hit the right pairing for the power button. the circuit was completed through the needles and Bingo! it was back on.

(I needed a magnifying glass though, those connections are small and my 40 year old eyes aren't what they once were.)

posted by Scoops at 12:00 PM on March 9, 2010

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