Song Recommendations?
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What classical songs and composers are similar in style to the intro of this song?
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The rhythm and string-hamber setting strongly recalls parts of the first and third movements of Schubert's "Death and the Maiden" string quartet.
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Ach... hamber = chamber; recalls = recall.
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You might like Danse macabre by Saint-Saëns.
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It didn't sound like anything really classical, but far more like the instrumental music of a group like Apocalyptica [random YouTube link].
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Apocolyptica for sure.

You might also want to check out: Shostakovich String Quartets (and esp. the Prelude and Scherzo for string Octet), the string quartets of Peter Sculthorpe, Two Foot Yard, maybe even some late Beethoven quartets, perhaps.
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Vivaldi. It's got the rhythmic intensity, lack of syncopation, frequent static harmony, minor-key tonality, and strings:

Concerto for two violins in G Minor (this one is slow tempo-wise, but you get the idea)

Differences: Vivaldi changes key and texture a lot more.

For more of that driving rhythm, check out the second movement of Beethoven's String Quartet No. 16. It starts out sounding not at all similar to what you linked to, but the B section in the middle is a crazy, brutal vamp that reminds me a little bit of your link.
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