Help me find the perfect coffee table legs!
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Where can I buy old iron legs with casters for a coffee table build? Examples within!

I'm collecting reclaimed materials for a coffee table I'm interested in building/have someone build. I have the wood, but I'm having trouble finding the right legs. I'm interested in something similar to the style of leg featured on this table from Anthropologie. I'd also settle for similar legs without the casters.

Anyone know a good place -- either online or in NYC -- to find something like this?

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Similar legs without the casters are just square steel tube stock, something like this. Any construction supply store (Home Depot, etc.) worth its salt will have it, and will cut it to length for you. Then you just need some steel plate to weld onto the ends, and casters if you want. You can buy similar legs online, though they're pricey. If you have access to someone with a welder, I'd go the DIY route. Should only be a 10-20 minute job.
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Go on Craigslist and do a search for 'table iron legs', and maybe you'll see a frame you like that you can just cannibalize in the name of art. (n.b. - there are browser add-ons that let you easily look at images in the main list)
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You can also just bolt angle brackets right into the tube stock to attach to the table top, and, depending on the type of casters you buy, bolt them right into the legs as well. No welding needed. You could try mcmaster-carr for unique casters, as Home Depot will just have a generic selection.
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