What's that song from the Yo-Plus ad?
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Song-ID-filter: What's that song from the Yo-Plus ad?

In Target Women: Yogurt Edition, at 2:34 they show an ad segment for Yo-Plus yogurt. What's the name of the catchy song in the ad? All I get from the lyrics is "More, gimme more, gimme more more more" - a pretty useless word combination on google.
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Well, when I googled "more give me more give me more more more" (with the quotation marks) I came up with a song called "My Bag" by Lloyd Cole. (I'd never heard of it, but it's actually pretty catchy. It seems to be about cocaine use, so...it would be pretty funny if this were the song.)

I know the singers in the YoPlus ad are women, and Lloyd Cole is a man, but could it be a cover? I can't hear enough of it on the ad to tell.
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It is very possible the song was created just for the spot. I was disappointed the "¿estás listo? ¡estoy listo!" song from the Kayak ad was a "real" song.
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er, wasn't a "real" song.
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Yeah, no concrete evidence, but it sounds like something made up for an ad to me.
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Response by poster: Dang, that little snippet sounded so intriguing too. Thanks for the suggestions anyhow!
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