Link to (in)famous internet-based meltdown
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Looking for link to (in)famous internet-based meltdown. Details inside.

As I recall it, a man interested in bicycle touring posted to an online bulletin board seeking a female companion for an upcoming trip. The man then met all subsequent posts/comments/queries with increasingly angry/vehement/unhinged responses. I have searched MeFi and google using different sets of keywords and... nada. Thanks for your help!
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Wasn't it an older guy looking for a younger female? And there was some initial discussion of "I hope your comfortable with me being naked most of the time"? If it's what I'm thinking of, the initial notice was intensely skeevy, and the meltdowner went nuts being offended at the suggestion that there might be something other than gentlemanly good manners behind his offer.
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You are correct, fatbird. That's how it went.
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I swear I saw that thread, and I'm pretty sure it was on BikeForums. I did some searching but couldn't dig up the thread -- maybe it got deleted.
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I've definitely seen that thread. I have an idea it was on the Lonely Planet Thorntree forums but google isn't turning up much.
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I think I've found what you mean. Warning: Encyclopedia Dramatica entry:

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That's it. Original Mefi thread.
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oh man, i was afraid this was going to be some weird thing i hadn't heard of involving Wordy, who had been known to look for cycling companions but had been, as far as i recall, pretty normal about it. *whew*

this guy, tho. whoah.
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That's it! Thanks all. Can't seem to find the full thread, but the EDramatic page will suffice...
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Found the original at

Takes a while to load, but, wow, comedy gold!
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