Photoshop Batch Conversion
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I need to make a Photoshop CS action/droplet that I can use to batch convert many dozens of mid-res b&w images. I've tried this a few times but my droplets end up doing 1 file fine and then nothing. [mi]

The files are JPG, TIF and EPS and I need to do the following: Go to file > print with preview > output and specify both a screen and transfer range, and then save as EPS with that information included. Any ideas? This seems complitrated.
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Hey, thanks to everyone who emailed me - it's working!
posted by luriete at 3:44 PM on January 28, 2005

Would you mind posting the answer here so that others may access the info when they encounter similar problems?
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Absolutely! In summary:

Make sure you have one of the documents you want to apply the action to open before starting; if you open it once you start recording the action, the act of opening will be part of the action, and if you are going to save this as a droplet - that you'll be dropping many files on at once - that won't be helpful.

Make a new action in the actions palette. Name it and hit RECORD at the bottom of the palette.

Then, just go ahead and in the most straightforward way possible do whatever you want the droplet to do - I just went into the menu and selected all the options I wanted. When finished, save the file and close it. Then STOP recording; the stop button is right next to the record button at the bottom of the actions palette.

Then you've got an action that you can apply an F key to. If you want to make a droplet, simply go to file > automate > create droplet. Assign the droplet you just made, but be careful with the override features. Make sure you read the notes on each. Save your droplet to your desktop or wherever, and voila! Instant ultra-timesaving tool!
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