Elderly stuffed animal needs repair in Austin TX
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Beloved Stuffed Animal is almost 30 years old and in need of some serious repair. Fabric unraveling, seams splitting, fur falling out — it's a bad scene. Is there anyone in Austin TX or thereabouts we can take him to for repair? (And if that fails, is there anyone anywhere who won't charge $600?)

Beloved Stuffed Animal isn't any kind of valuable antique, so we're not exactly looking for that level of high-end restoration. But he is, you know, beloved, and he's coming apart badly enough that our crafts-y amateur friends don't know what to do with him. So we're looking to split the difference between "museum quality preservation" and "random dude with a sewing machine," I guess. Thoughts?
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I've been looking into Hanna Bruce Teddy Bear Hospital for one of my beloved but ragged plush friends. She's located in Pennsylvania, but the before and after pics are really impressive, and apparently you can send in photos and get an estimate for the total cost of repairs for $30, so it might be worth poking around the site and see if it could beet your needs. I hope you friend gets well soon!
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This lady on etsy in Los Angeles healed a very sad and elderly little bear for us. Lots of work was needed, I can send you pics I think if you're interested. Price was less than $100 (though the bear was on the small side).

We thought she was great, very helpful and kind and reasonably priced.
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I'd definitely recommend Etsy Alchemy - there are plenty of talented people with skills that could place them in the realm of what you are looking for, and are unlikely to charge ridiculous fees.
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How much reconstruction of beloved stuffed animal is too much? That's something to keep in mind when you talk to whoever is going to do this for you.
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If you aren't able to find a suitable repair place, how about a toy portrait?
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