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What's the magic word for finding Super Bowl highlights on YouTube or elsewhere before they are deleted?

We have no TV signal out here in the sticks, but last year we were able to see a substantial portion of the game by watching a live ticker on ESPN.com and then searching for the replay on YouTube. But this year the NFL seems to have a particularly assiduous pack of rabid wombats on takedown duty at YouTube and I haven't been able to find any highlights.
Any suggestions on how I can find good highlights on the web, other than preordering the DVD?
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I tried searching on the single term "football" and then limiting to "uploaded today" and sorting by "most recently uploaded", but no joy.
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Some highlights available at Gawker.TV (affiliated with Deadspin). They capture and store their own videos precisely to avoid this problem.
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Seconding NFL.com. Even though it's the corporate website, it's got comprehensive and high-quality video highlights. Better than Sportscenter's, IMO.
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awesome you guys, big thanks!

also, FWIW, the magic term on YouTube is "Saints" plus limiting to "uploaded today" and sorting by "most recently uploaded", if what you really wanted was highlights of shakeycam of somebody's flatscreen, along with blurry interpositions of them and their buds dancing in between camera and tv. WOOOOOO!
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Also available on adland, run by mefite dabitch.
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oh cool! I love Merlin Olsen!
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