Help me fix my boss's email forwarding problem!
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Email forwarding problem within the domain: Trying to fix my boss's email account. He checks his email using Netscape 7.2 on a Win98 PC. (We can't convince him to upgrade). He can send mail and reply to mail fine. He can forward mail fine, except when it is to one of use within the same domain name. It appears to send successfully but never shows up. I've tried looking through the email headers but nothing sticks out and I don't relaly know what to look for. Was wondering if this situation rings a bell for anyone?
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this is just a guess, but your mail handler (sendmail, exim, whatever) will most likely have a special rule for handling email sent to the local domain. it might be wrong somehow. look in the logs and check the config. it will probably involve some kind of matching/rewrite of headers, and netscape might be sending something different to everyone else's email client, tickling the bug. though it's odd he doesn't receive some kind of error message by return, so maybe that's not it. but if it is, the mail handler error logs should identify it.
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What is the email environment? Local or hosted? What email system are you using? Exchange, sendmail, etc?
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hello? no more info/feedback?
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Response by poster: we have an outside internet service provider. I'll have to look into the details. i'm starting to guess that I will have to check with them though...
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