How to celebrate honey and bees on St. Modomnoc's?
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This year I'm hoping to celebrate St. Modomnoc's Day instead of St. Valentines. (It falls on Feb 13 and Modomnoc is the patron saint of bees and beekeeping, a nice way to subvert the commercial valentines machine.) My question: what are your best food and drink recipes, crafts, pastimes, or activities that I could make or do to celebrate honey or bees with my friends and/or boyfriend?
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I know nothing about St. Modomnoc's Day, but I know this: you must drink mead.
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Make a simple cyser.
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I'm a fan of these sour cream and honey cakes. They're great served warm, which is nice in the winter. They're sweet without being cloying, similar to a scone.
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Best answer: The National Honey Board has a bunch of recipes you can use for inspiration.

You could get some beneficial flower seeds started for transplanting into your garden when the weather warms. It may be a bit early to actually plant the seeds, but you could decorate some flower pots as a craft.

You could make a skep.
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Listen to Emily Ritz's band, Honeycomb (AKA Honeybody Moonbee)!
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Make homemade version of the australian candy Violet Crumble, which is honeycomb! One recipe here and another here. Or just buy some.
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You and your boyfriend can suck honey off of each other's toes. That's what I'd do, anyway.
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Stripes, paper boats (place three life/travel blessings inside and give them to friends), and mead.

I love this post/idea more than I can express, btw. Thanks for asking; I would have never known about this happy little holiday otherwise.
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Voice of the Beehive
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Make beeswax candles.
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This is probably what you are looking for in name only but I've always liked the idea of honeydust.
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Best answer: A couple of Elvis songs that involve bees:

I Got Stung

Big Hunk o" Love

Pomade your hair in a beehive with beeswax
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Make this cake: Majestic and Moist Honey Cake. Just do it. You won't regret it.
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The Romans made offerings requesting money by putting coins in honey.
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PS: I think I might rope a few friends into doing something like this too. Awesome idea.
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maybe you can eat some haagen dazs and help save some bees.
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Check out tayglach or taiglach. It is an Ashkenazi (Eastern European/Jewish) recipe for dough balls boiled in honey. Totally sticky! Here is a sample recipe although I haven't tried it myself.
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Melt together 1 part beeswax to 2-3 parts apricot kernel oil (or an oil of your choice). When cool, add a few drops of essential oil if you like. Voila: a bee-based massage oil!
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Best answer: You could watch The Wicker Man and make fun of it.

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Watch an old school Winnie-the-Pooh movie from the 1970s/80s (specifically Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Tree), or read some of the stories aloud. Pooh Bear loves honey!
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A little off topic, but this year Chinese New Year Eve also falls on the 13th if you'd like to incorporate other celebrations/customs into your plans.
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edible flowers as garnish cause of the bees/flower/fruit connection?
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mead, mead, and more mead.
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Molded honeycomb--similar to fancy jello, but better.
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Oh, and Spirit of the Beehive.
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Van Morrison, "Tupelo Honey"
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"Honeycomb" by ... Jimmie Rogers? *googling* Yes! Got it in one! Anyways, a fun hokey old-timey proto-rock-n-roll song.

Also, frickin awesome idea. I'm thinking of doing this from now on.
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Oooh, if you need illustrations or inspiration:
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Response by poster:! i only marked a couple best answers for the sake of time, they're all great. this makes me even more excited to plan a bigger and better st. modomnoc's celebration every year from now on. as for what i actually did, my busy schedule got the best of me so i ended up just enjoying a delicious dessert with boyfriend at home: delicious local wildflower honey drizzled on top of good ricotta.
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Response by poster: oh and p.s., just for clarification: i don't know of any actual tradition in any catholic culture celebrating of st. modomnoc on large scale, he just happens to the be the saint for feb. 13. though, there may be some devotees somewhere or local veneration at the church he helped found in ireland. it would be interesting to find out if there is any historical precedent for modomnoc devotion.
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Just for future reference I guess (for myself too)--and you could listen to Helium's song "Honeycomb" yay.
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