Getting voice recordings from QuickVoice on iPhone to the PC
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I have the original QuickVoice recorder app on my iPhone, installed before the iPhone had its own-brand voice recorder. Inside QuickVoice I have about 30 long recordings that are too big to be emailed by the app. But the QuickVoice Sync app mentioned on this page isn't working for me. Can anyone suggest other ways that I can get inside the iPhone to access the data held by this app and transfer it to my desktop computer? I don't want to jailbreak the phone. My platform is Windows XP.
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I use PhoneView (Mac OS X only) to do this. The developers of PhoneView recommend TouchCopy for the same functionality in Windows.
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Response by poster: TouchCopy does not seem to give me access to the files that are on there except for the iPod - music files, video files and so on. I need to get hold of stuff relating to an application.
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