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Having problems uploading photos to Flicker! Help!

I am trying upload photos to Flicker. I want to establish a group site for them. I have gone through the directions and a site has been established within my account. However, when I put in the group title in search box, nothing comes up. Do I need to start a group account separate from my account? Do I need to treat it as a new individual account? Help!
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Flickr has a help forum. There's a link at the bottom of every page - it says "The Help Forum." You could post your question there as well, it should get some attention from Flickr users.
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if you have just created the group, it may not come up in the search yet (there can be a delay in this for accounts and groups). Can you find it from your profile?

Upload the pictures to your account and use the "Organize and create" link to add them to a group quickly. There is a tab at the top for group.s
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What do you mean by group site?

There are groups (or pool), like the Metafilter pool. This is used for multiple people sharing a common subject.

There's sets, which you can use to organize a single subjects like photos of your cats.

There's collections which can be used to collect other collections or sets. So if you have a set set up for each of your three cats by name, you can create a collection called cats with all of them.

From the webpage to upload, you're given a chance to add the photo(s) you're uploading to a set. But if you want to add them to a group you'll first have to upload them to your photostream either in a set or not, then you can go into the Organize tab, select the photos you want to sent from the drop down list. Or in the groups tab of the Organize area, you can select photos from the bottom and then drag them to the appropriate group. The last way to add to a group is to open the group's page and then click on the "add to group" link.

[also, it is Flickr, not Flicker]
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I agree, as a constant Flickr user I don't understand the question at all.
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Me neither. I think birdherder has some good followup questions. Maybe the best place to start is:

- Is this 'group' for you to add photos to, or for you and other people to add photos to?

Also as Brockles says if you can see it in your profile, maybe it just hasn't been updated in the database yet.
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It would probably be best if the OP explained precisely what she is hoping to accomplish because I don't understand it either.

What's a group site? A website where all of your group photos show up - sort of like how I have my site set up to show my flickr pics? If you're trying to do something like that (minus the flash interface), you'll find a ton of info here. Pair it up with a lightbox (I'd recommend jquery) for something like this.

Or, are simply you trying to set up a place on flickr's site where multiple people can post pics, such as the metafilter pool mentioned above?
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If you've created a Flickr Group, when you click on the "Groups" tab any groups you own will appear at the top of the list. It won't necessarily show on your Profile - my group doesn't.

This is all assuming you're talking about a Flickr Group, which still isn't clear based on the information you've provided.
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Response by poster: I have a personal Flickr site. I had an event recently that I would like to create a separate site for and not associated with my site. I and a friend have tried to do this. On our personal site, the images can be accessed. When you go to search groups and put in the name, nothing comes up.
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Well, see here's the problem. You don't have a Flickr 'site', you have an account. Any group requires an account to be able to upload to it, and this will (by definition) link that group to your account.

If you want somewhere for you to put pictures independently of your personal account, just open a new (free) account and use that. If you want somewhere for you and your friend to put pictures, then you both need new accounts (for them not to be linked) and the create a group, upload the images to your new accounts and then add them to the group.

If the images are on your personal account (which cannot be shared, incidentally) there is no way to put these images somewhere not linked to your account (on flickr). You will need to upload them again to a separate account.
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It sounds to me like you have created a set, and are looking for your set among Flickr's groups. They are two different things. A set is a group of photos that resides in your account, a group is a separate page that can have multiple memberships and a pool of photos that members have added. A group can be public, private, open, closed, etc.
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It might help to provide links to the pages you are having trouble with. Also, Flickr help (linked in the first comment) is very good, they'll help you out if you can't get the answers here.
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