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How do I fix the clock alarm on an old GE stove? Photo and details inside.

This is a photo of the clock and two timer dials on the oldish (but functioning) GE stove I bought from the previous tenant of my flat about five years ago. There was no manual with it and I do not know the model number.

Back then I tried to set it to the right time, and the only result was a loud alarm going off every few minutes. Somehow I managed to stop it, and since then have ignored the fact that the clock – although it runs – was not at anything like the correct time.

Today I was cleaning the kitchen, and in a moment of hubris I thought "It's silly to have this clock chronically wrong, I'll try resetting it again."

Well, now the damn alarm is going off about every 15 minutes. When it does I can stop it by twiddling the time on the clock. The alarm stops, but then a few minutes later it starts up again.

I don't care if the clock ends up dead. I do not need the timers, either. I chiefly don't want to have the alarm going off randomly all night. Help?
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Most older electric stoves will be about this simple :

1. Unplug stove
2. Find wire that goes to clock/timer (1 or 2 wires)
3. Cap ends of snipped wire with wire nut or (my favorite) electrical tape
4. Relax and enjoy stove
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Response by poster: Can't move stove to unplug it and have no idea about dismantling any part of it either.
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Best answer: The little red hand on the left dial should be pointing straight up. It should have a detent you can feel, and it should stay there.

If it's following the other hands around and buzzing merrily when it goes past zero, it's busted.

If you need to go to sleep, go to your breaker box and turn off the double breaker that's marked range/stove/oven.
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Response by poster: That worked perfectly and I also learned the word "detent".
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