Stuck in Chicago. I have questions.
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I'm trying to get to DC, but am stuck in Chicago until Monday due to a historic blizzard and a United Airlines screw up. I booked a hotel in the city, near Diversey stop. (1) My flight out monday is 6am. What's the best/cheapest option to get to the airport that early? I found shared vans from Continental Airport Express, but the earliest they will pick up is at 4am - will that be enough time to get the airport in time to go thru security and board? Any other options? How much would a taxi cost? (2) Any suggestions for how to kill time in that area? I don't know Chicago at all. Thanks!
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You should be okay leaving at 4AM- traffic is pretty light, and security at the airport shouldn't be too bad. I've done it.

I've also used the GO shuttles and they've picked me up as early as 3:30 AM.

You can also arrange a taxi pick-up, which will run about $35-40. This does give you the freedom of being picked up when you want, not having to share a cab with anybody else, etc.

Good luck!
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If you're going to O'Hare, the Blue Line should take you right there. Maybe take a bus to the nearest Blue Line stop? I'm not sure if the El in Chicago runs all night or what though.
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Here's information about the Blue Line.
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(2) Assuming you're talking about the stop at Diversey near Sheffield Ave, you're in a great area: Lincoln Park/Lakeview.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is free, although depending on the weather (and how far you're used to walking) the walk there might be a little long. There is a beautiful Conservatory there with plants and flowers, and that's warm.

If you like cinnamon buns, try Ann Sather--the Belmont location should be very close to you.

If you like Greek food, I highly recommend the Athenian Room. They're famous for their Kalamata Chicken and their greek fries, which are slices of heaven.
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Oh, and you could always check out Wrigley Field if you walk north on Sheffield for a mile or two.
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Take a cab, especially with the CTA service cuts that are supposed to begin Sunday. Southport is a couple stops from you and there's a lot to do in that area.
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The Art Institute of Chicago is free every day this month!
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I definitely agree you're in a great area- go up to the Belmont stop, and walk west (away from the lake) for a few blocks to Bittersweet. It's got amazing soup and homemade bread for $3.50- best deal in the city. Otherwise they have sandwiches and quiche everyday and a ton of delicious baked goods.

The Mexican place across the street also has great margaritas.

As you're on the Brown line, you're really accessible to get downtown. You can't go wrong with the Art Institute, but the Museum of Modern Art is also great if you're into that- otherwise the Art Institute has a new wing I highly recommend.

Depending on the weather, you can also just walk around Lakeview and Lincoln Park- very walkable neighborhoods with a lot to see if you head toward the lake. Not sure if you're into shops or coffee shops, but there's a ton. There's also a great independent theater at 2828 N. Clark- Landmark Theatre. A good Irish pub is The Hidden Shamrock, which isn't far from where you're at, or there's a few other great bars toward Wellington.

Lincoln Park neighborhood guide
and Lakeview neighborhood guide.

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A cab with tip will be near $40, you can hail one at the street. I assume you're either staying at the Best Western or Days Inn. You could leave at 4:40am and get there by 5:15am, easy.

You could take the bus to the blue line. At that hour it would take nearly 75 minutes. But it would cost you $2.50 total.

Tons of bars in the area and cheap food options abound. I'd just walk up broadway to Addison, then west to Wrigley Field

Based on your previous posts, the Chicago gay scene is centered on Halsted, between Belmont and Addison (but also on Broadway). Lots of restaurants bars, etc.
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