Life insurance--where/what kind to get?
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Life insurance--where/what kind to get?

My wife and I just bought a house, and I realized we need to get some life insurance. I have some already with my daughter (from a previous marriage) as a beneficiary. My work-provided insurance isn’t having an open season for a while. So who do I call?
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I've had to deal with insurance agencies too much in the last year so here's my advice: shop around and read the fine print. Also, do not be afraid to try shopping for insurance from a locally based company. They sometimes have better rates and take care of you better should you ever need to use your insurance. Also, if you aren't looking to invest long term now, get a term policy.
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Definitely buy term insurance instead of whole life (the investment part is a rip-off), and make sure it's guaranteed renewable. I've had good results with an insurance broker.
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MrMoonPie: We are in the same boat, and have been comparing plans and types of policies (universal/term/etc). My experience is different that trharlans in that it depends ont he type of universal plan you get. Some plans are like interest-gaining accounts, others are money pits. The problem with term is that when the term ends, you may not be well enough to be able to afford the insurance you will need. Give me--or better yet, the wife--a call and we will be glad to pass on any information we have gathered.
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Annually-renewable term.
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