Need a narrow media center to put under hanging TV
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I have a TV hanging on the wall, and want to put some things under it - laptop, antenna, etc. My room is very narrow, so I need a narrow table.

Everything that I see is designed to put the entire TV on it - that's too wide for me, as the room really is that narrow. Ideally, I would need a small that's 10 inches deep max, but wide. I can't seem to find it anywhere... maybe I don't know what it's correctly called?
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A console or sofa table? If the search for a narrow one fails, maybe hang up a shelf instead.
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Console tables are narrow (though maybe a little more than 10 inches) but I don't know if they would be low enough for your purposes -- they're usually around 30 inches high, I think.
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I bought my console table at World Market. It's 12 inches deep, not 10, but it's reasonably inexpensive and I find it to be higher quality than Ikea.
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How about some Ikea Lack shelves? They're 10 1/4" deep.
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If you find a console table or sideboard that you like, but find it is too high (many are made to be a bit higher than a typical table) you can get the legs cut down -- I had Pompanoosuc Mills do this on a sideboard I liked and they were great about it. (They considered this type of thing to be dining room furniture, but it works great elsewhere too.) But any local carpenter, maybe even a hardware store might help you reconfigure something from e.g. Ikea
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A hall table? I have a table that is about 300mm deep and about 1500mm long in my foyer. It holds a plant and things that I drop as I walk in and pick up as I walk out.
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Hall/sofa tables are good solutions, many are under 12"-13" deep and may solve your problem. If you're not putting anything overly heavy on it, Target sells floating shelves in various depths that you could hang on the wall beneath the TV that could work, too.
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Cinderblocks are 8" deep. You could stack as many of those with, say, 2x8 planks to build your own shelving units.
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Here's a glass-topped one from CB2 that's the depth you mentioned, 10 inches (and 3 feet wide). Here's one in steel, also 10 inches deep but wider at 56 inches.
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Bricks and a plank. Cover bricks in fabric if you are feeling posh.
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