Where can I buy a celtic-styled tragus piercing?
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What with v-day coming up I want to get my lover a present for her tragus. She currently has a ring piercing and a bar piercing for her tragus but I'd like to buy her a celtic-styled piercing. Could anyone point me towards a good online store for this type of thing? I'm UK based, near to Manchester, so any shop recommendations around this area would be good as well. Thank you!
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I'll leave it to people in the UK to suggest specific stores, but I've got a terminology correction that might help you with your search and some things you might want to take into consideration before buying anything.

The word you're looking for is "jewelry" or "earring" or possibly "stud"; a "piercing" is where the jewelry goes. Before you buy anything, you should know what gauge piercing she's got: buy jewelry that is too thick and it will hurt her to try to put the earring in, too thin and the piercing may start to close up (or be at greater risk for rejection). Furthermore, you should know whether she's allergic to any metals. Cheap jewelry tends to be more risky when it comes to setting off allergic reactions. Stainless steel works for most people. Finally, did she get either of these piercings in the past 3 months? If so, she should go back to the piercing parlor and make sure her ear has healed enough for new jewelry.
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Check the jewelry section here for online and brick-and-mortar merchants.
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*ahem* that would be jewellery ;)

If you're in Manchester you might want to try affleck's palace. There's a lot of jewellery shops but there's also a specialist body piercing place - I can't remember what it was called though.
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