Where to buy salt in bulk?
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Where to buy salt in bulk?

I do some occasional vat dyeing of fabric in my washing machine, using Procion dyes from Dharma Trading, but the recipe calls for dissolving 20 cups of non-iodized salt each time. I'm tired of buying/lugging boxes of pickling salt from the grocery store. I do have a Costco membership, but they haven't had bulk salt in ages; just a 3-pack of boxes of kosher salt. Any alternatives?
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Would road salt work? not sure if it's iodized or not, but you could probably get bags of de-icing salt in a hardware store....maybe not if you're in a hot state like Arizona or something
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Agricultural and feed stores will carry large bags of (noniodized) salt at very reasonable prices. We use this for SCIENCE! but I suppose it would work for ART! too.
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Maybe the salt used in water softeners? Not sure it's the same salt though. When I lived in an area with hard water, I would buy 20kg bags of it from Costco.
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Would road salt work?

Road salt is calcium chloride, as opposed to table salt's sodium chloride. Not sure if that matters for the recipe in question, but road salt also isn't guaranteed to be 100% pure.
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Yeah, if you need sodium chloride that's not food-grade, your best bet is probably buying rock salt at a hardware store, or an agricultural supply store as bonehead suggests. Not all de-icing compounds are pure (or even partially) sodium chloride, so be sure to read the label.
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Water softener salt comes in two varieties, the cheaper is NaCL the more expensive low sodium version is Potassium Chloride. Available at your local home improvement Borg. 20Kgs is about as much as a box of table salt.
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Excellent! Thank you... Ag store it it!
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(mkultra, road salt is sodium chloride around these parts, and my city uses up to 150,000 tonnes of it annually)
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We bought water softener salt from Lowes to use in salt crust baking. I think it was $8 for 40 lbs of pure NaCl. It comes in rock salt, and football shaped tablets. Just make sure it's NaCl and not KCl. Coarse kosher was about 10 times more expensive.
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A lot of coops/natural food stores have salt available in their bulk bins. They may even order you a bag if you ask nice.
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