This show taught me about making pro and con lists.
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When I was in 4th (maybe 5th) grade, we were shown a series of educational programs where a dude with magical powers helped kids solve everyday problems (what leisure activity is the best? how should I invest my allowance to get what I most desire?) through basic ecnomic principles. What is this show?

I've searched a few different varients of "economics kids show", but with no results. It would have been shown in the early 90s.
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Are you talking about Sesame Street's Teeny Little Super Guy?
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Nope. It was its own show (I think it may have been made especially for schools, and not for public broadcast).
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Hard to tell where you are - if it was Canada, could it have been Street Cents? (Pocket Money in the UK, it seems.)
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Not Street Cents either... and, America.
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Was it Econ? Econ being the name of both the video and the magical character. I can't find a link to it, since "Econ" is a standard abbreviation for economics. But I definitely remember all those scenarios you mention.
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[Actually it should be Netzapper wot has the best answer, pliz - I was merely a googler-on.]
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