Westeros maps?
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I am reading George R. R. Martin's fantastic (literally) series A Song of Ice and Fire. I want to see better maps. [minor spoilers?]

I'm halfway through the third book, A Storm of Swords, and I'm frequently referencing the places named in the book with the map in the front...and the map in the front ain't doin' the job! Martin lists a bewildering number of places and characters (the latter is a whole other topic), and I wonder if there's been any maps of Westeros--or really the whole world--made in more detail.

For example, large parts of book three take place in the area around Harrenhal and Riverrun but are not on the map, which makes my OCD meter just jump right into the red. Are there any maps--officially sanctioned by Martin and the publishers or not--that give more detail? If someone has already made a Google Maps mashup of Westeros I'd be that person's friend forever.
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There's a RPG based on the series which might have more maps.
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Try this map, maybe. You have to click on each little dot to see what it's marking, but it has a lot of the smaller house seats on it. There are also several maps that may help you on this site, and this map specifically. Neither seem to be "official," but it beats staring at the one in the book.
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I'd certainly start here...

(btw, HBO has cast and shot a pilot for Game of Thrones. If anyone will do this series justice, it will be HBO. I remain cautiously optimistic...)
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I've read all the books twice, and this map from google image search is quite good.
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This world map is nice to get a feel for all the surrounding lands.
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Keeping the scale in mind is important as well. The Seven Kingdoms are roughly the size of South America. For some reason a lot of people picture the place as a lot smaller.
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The maps provided with the books are not supposed to be canonical. George R. R. Martin has said on occasion that the geography of Westeros, Sothyros and the as-yet-unnamed eastern continent exist only to serve the story. He has explicitly reserved the right to disregard the maps if he feels the story needs it. This is also why he keeps time references a bit vague—characters will travel for days but not x number of days.

Yeah, it's cheating a bit, but Martin's more interested in Jaime's moral journey than in the estuaries of Riverrun.
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Yeah, the maps (much like Martin's ability to actually finish a novel) are more of a nebulous suggestion than actual fact.
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I had some good ones bookmarked, but someone forgot to pay hosting fees :-(

Anyway, here's one of the world. It's a little funky because I good quality Westeros map was dumped into a low quality world map. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/Graphics/Gallery/Maps/The_World_01.gif
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