Where is the best Barbershop in Rochester, NY?
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Best Barber In Rochester, NY?

I go to school in a small college town outside of Rochester where there's only 1 barber and he's the oldest man in the town. I'm looking for a barber where I can get a real cut, nice skin fade/tight fade, ya know someone who is up on the latest barber cuts. Doing searches on Yellow.com have been fruitless. Can anyone recommend one?
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Is Pal Joey on Mt. Hope near UR still around? Once upon a time that was a trusted shop.
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Response by poster: I fell across their web site. Seems like it was bought by someone else because it's marketed more as a salon with chicks giving cuts.
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Best answer: How much are you looking to spend? Not a lot? I have had good luck at Glover's at 672 South Ave in the Southwedge, between Gregory & Hamilton/Averill. They offer a student discount on a regular men's haircut for all of about $7. Maybe $8. Based on what you describe, this may be a good spot for you. FWIW, the chief of RPD gets his hair cut there.
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You do know that women can be barbers, right?
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I've been going to World Hair at the corner of Park and Meigs for years. They are definitely up on the latest trends and reasonably priced as well.
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